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Instructional Ability Test - ADI Part 3


This is your final test and is considered the hardest part of the qualification process.


The examiner will play the part of a driver in two separate phases of about 30 minutes each.


On phase one the examiner will play the part of a driver at the beginning stage or as one at the partly trained phase. You will be usually teaching the pupil a new skill based on a choice of ten pre-set tests.


On the second phase you will be treating the examiner as a trained pupil so they will have experience of the subject you are teaching.


You will identify any driving faults and help to improve the pupils standard of driving in relation to that subject.


Once you have passed the part 3 test you will be a fully qualified ADI and you will therefore be entitled to earn money by charging your pupils for driving tuition that they undertake with you.



The test includes an assessment of:


core competencies

instructional techniques

instructor characteristics



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