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Job Security


As a long-established driving school we have a proven track record of success within the Driving Instructor training industry.


Each year around one million new drivers take to the road and you could soon be teaching them. As a newly qualified Driving Instructor you will have the opportunity to tap into this expansive market with a good earning potential.


Pupil's learning to drive in the UK buy on average 52 hours of professional driving lessons with average lessons prices across the UK rising each year. offer you a guaranteed job as a Driving Instructor with our company once your qualified along with a tuition car suitable for teaching learner drivers. You will train with us and then work alongside us should you wish once qualified.


You will be offered a written guarantee offering you a position with us before you commit to any training.


A bright future


The Driving Instructor industry continues to change and as driving instructors we find ourselves in a strong position.


Recently there have been changes to the pupil driving test including the addition of the Theory Test, the Pass Plus training scheme to reduce insurance premiums, the introduction of the Hazard Perception test for learners, the introduction of the “show me tell me” section of the driving test and finally, more recently the independent driving section of the driving test.


In the future we can confidently predict further changes to the learner driver test. There are currently rumours circulating within this industry in relation to the possible introduction of compulsory retesting for drivers every 10 years and making it compulsory for all learners to take a minimum number of professional driving lessons.


Therefore, the new career as a driving instructor couldn't be more attractive.



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