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Potential Earnings Instructors who carry out 40 lessons per week, taking 4 weeks off for holidays per year and who charge our average rate of £23 per lesson (lesson prices vary from area to area), could earn the following per week after meeting all business and car expenses, provided this workload was maintained throughout the year:





 40 lessons at £23 each £920

Total Income £920




 Car Rental / Insurance £90

Fuel £80

Franchise Fee £87

Pupil referral fee FREE

Total Expenditure £257


So your weekly pre-tax earnings will be £663


The above is equivalent to an annual salary of £31,824 plus a car.


Should you choose to buy a tuition car rather than rent a Driving School car your earnings would potentially increase by a further £2,000 per year.


Hourly lesson rates depend on experience and local circumstances.  Lesson prices therefore vary across the UK with some areas charging up to £28 per hour.


Please do not expect these income levels in your first few years of trading as promotional discounts and other aspects of becoming established will suppress your earning potential.




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