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The DVSA  (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency)


The DVSA improve road safety in Great Britain by setting standards for driving and motorcycling, and making sure drivers, vehicle operators and MOT garages follow roadworthiness standards. The DVSA also provide a range of licensing, testing, education and enforcement services.


DVSA is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Transport.




We are responsible for:


•i mproving driving skills by setting standards for driving, riding and training and testing people to those standards


• regulating standards of driving and riding instructors and making sure they’re approved to provide the right types of training


• regulating the MOT scheme so that garages keep up the right standards to keep vehicles safe on the roads


• making sure commercial vehicle operators, their drivers and their vehicles meet roadworthiness standards and follow safety rules


• approving the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence courses that lorry, bus and coach drivers have to take to stay driving legally


• providing advice, information and education for motorists to help keep all road users safe





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