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Life as a Driving Instructor is about teaching pupils a new skill that they will take with them throughout their life.  Of course a very big element of this is also about road safety and making sure that the message gets across to the pupil about how dangerous a motor vehicle can be when not used correctly.

•Young motorists are twice as likely than average to have a crash

•Average cost of an accident involving a young motorist is twice as high as for other motorists

•An accident involving a young driver is five times as likely to involve an injury

•Young motorists are four times as likely to have a conviction for careless driving than the average motorist


Learning to drive is usually one of the first steps towards adult life for a young person providing them with freedom to travel wherever they wish to go.  Can you imagine your life without a car?


As a Driving Instructor you will play a pivitel role in not only giving the pupil their freedom to drive but also you will be teaching them how to drive safely.  The pupils future safety will be very much in your hands.  Quite a responsiblity for you as a Driving Instructor to undertake.  We of course will provide you with the skills and expertise required to forfill this role.



Within this section of our website you will learn a litte more about the Driving Instructor business.  You will learn about the role of the DVSA in monitoring this sector and a little more about the qualification process.  Hopefully this will answer some of your questions but of course to assist you further we have put together an FAQ for all the frequently asked questions.




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